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Hard wire car phone charger for trade customers
Welcome to Powerlink Products - the home of well designed, precision made, after-market usb power solutions for Trade/OEM.

Whether you’re installing mobile communication or navigation equipment. On a Motorcycle, lorry, a bus, a car or even a luxury yacht you know that even the best product or the newest technology is only as good as the power supply supplying it.

At Powerlink, we know this! A failed regulator is a failed system. That’s why we use only modern rigorously tested designs backed up by expert engineering support.

And, just for your peace of mind all our products are backed up by our lifetime guarantee.

Powerlink Products are designed and manufactured in the UK.
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Hardwired voltage regulator charger
Hard Wired Direct to Battery Phone/GPS Chargers

Do you need a more professional way of connecting phone or GPS systems on the move?
Then we have the solution for you! Our cable is so easy to install - with just two wires, you simply need to connect the unit to your vehicles electrical system and using a Smartphone or GPS becomes so much tidyer!

Enjoy a tidy, permanent charger at your fingertips!

   • Battery connecting cable 3ft, un-terminated, un-fused
   • Input: 12-36 V DC
   • Output: 5 V DC, 2 Amp
   • Only 8mA off-Load current draw.
   • Output lead length 3ft
   • Made in the UK

Suitable for cell phones including Apple iPhone, iPods, iPad, Blackberry Samsung etc. Also most GPS,

here for range and full specification available.
Voltage Regulators, Mobile Phone & GPS Chargers for the Automotive Industry
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