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Waterproof Motorcycle usb port
Powerlink Products, Litton House, Saville Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE3 7PR.
Motorcycle usb socket
motorcycle Phone charger port
Powerlink Products, Waterproof Motorcycle usb Charger Port,
Handle Bar or Flat Surface Mountable.
Weatherproof cables
Weatherproof your connection even when fitted and charging.
Price: 18.99
Comes Complete with Handlebar or
Rail Mount

The mount can attach to a rail or handlebar, or even a flat surface with its heavy duty adhesive backing.
Waterproof usb charger
Motorcycle usb charger port
Motorcycle Phone Charger
Got a device to power or charge on the go?

Almost all portable electronics today whether it's a phone, GPS, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, MP3 player and countless other devices use a USB cable to charge the internal battery.

Our Waterproof motorcycle usb phone charger and accessory cables are ideal for any motorsport applications such as motorcycle, dirt-bike, ATV, UTV or for use in a boat, car, truck or any other vehicle!

Hard-Wired direct to the battery with weatherproof cap.

Our connector provides you with a standard USB charger port, so by simply using your own USB cable you can plug any mobile phone of your choice into the charging system.

By using it in conjunction with one of our weatherproof cables, charging your usb devices whilst riding on your motorcycle has never been easier, more accessible or safer.

These are motorcycle usb charging accessories you don't want to be without!
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