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Waterproof motorcycle usb socket
eXTReMe Tracker
Got a device to power or charge on the go?
Technology has given the motorcyclist some ingenious solutions, but it can also bring significant problems.

While adding one or two accessories to your motorcycle is fairly simple, the more circuits you add the greater the potential not only for creating an unsightly maze of wiring sprouting from under your bike’s seat, but draining the battery and overloading the electrical system, as well.

By monitoring your electrical system with a
Powerlink Digital Voltmeter you can protect your battery from deep discharge and over voltage conditions that can destroy your delicate accessories.
The Powerlink Weatherproof Voltmeter displays the battery and charging system voltage and switches off when the bike is turned off due to its switched live feed wire.

Almost all portable electronics today whether it's a phone, GPS, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, MP3 player and countless other devices use a USB cable to charge the internal battery.
Panel Mountable universal USB power socket is ideal for any motorsport applications such as motorcycle, dirt-bike, ATV, UTV or for use in a boat, car, truck or any other vehicle!

What's more our optional
weatherproof connection cables keep your connection dry even when connected to your device and charging!

These are motorcycle accessories you don't want to be without!
Powerlink Products, Litton House, Saville Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE3 7PR.
Weatherproof Motorcycle Voltage Meter
Available in Red, Blue & Green.
Battery Voltage Meter
Hard Wired,
Direct to battery usb Charging Cable
Hard Wired usb charger
Weatherproof cables
Weatherproof your connection even when fitted and charging.
Bar of Flat Surface Mountable USB power socket